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Bibi Yana has always been an enthusiastic woman empowering the community around her to perform better with every breath exhaled. She was active in her professional and voluntary services and always stayed on top of national & international events.

But, her entry into the freelancing world was a decision worth waiting for. After her firstborn, she was completely stuck at home to care for him. Still, during that, she endeavored to find the hidden secrets of Facebook and changed her life via a top-seller Mentor in the USA.

This was just the start of her achieving the stars in the sky!

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As time passing, she didn’t stop learning and experimenting with the field she loved with her heart. Her collaboration with top-tier clients polished her marketing skills to a level no one can deny. Besides their marketing expertise, she also got her hands on business coaching skills.

So, it won’t be wrong to call her a business coach and an expert marketing strategist.

Her journey continued to get longer as she was always eager to welcome opportunities coming her way. From 2016 to till date, she has received 5-star reviews from international clients and business owners.

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Offering help to business owners and beginner entrepreneurs has only been possible with her short consultation calls. 15-30 short calls to clear your confusion have added much to her credibility. So, it’s better to talk to her than to regret your failing business.