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A distinguished digital marketing expert, known for her innovative strategies and profound expertise in navigating the dynamic landscape of online promotion.

Marketing has revamped its methods in recent years with the speed of fire. In all the pretty chaos of development, we at TechnockMom are working tirelessly to bring you practical strategies for expanding your business. Besides, Bibi Yana holds profound experience in growing your business with the effective use of social media. Her expertise in organic social media strategies is the cherry on top. So, a funnel full of sales is ensured. That, too, with a single consultation call!

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One step forward is emphasizing all the leadership qualities, building a strong course audience, and enhancing our social media presence with our organic social media marketing strategies 

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Bibi Yana always amazes you with her eight years of in-depth knowledge and expertise. Being an MBA graduate and a mother of two, she has never let her hurdles become a stone in her passion. Besides, you’ll love knowing she can help you find your niche and grow your business in the most defined way possible.

She has been working with high-profile international clients to sharpen her digital marketing expertise and coaching skills to promote their businesses like no one. Like her, you can find inspiration in her work and get passionate about building authority in your services.

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As a digital marketing expert, my approach is centered on leveraging cutting-edge online strategies to elevate brand visibility, optimize conversion-focused funnels, and provide personalized one-on-one consultations for maximum impact and sustainable online success

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Implementing tactics and engaging designs to drive targeted traffic and enhance brand visibility are key focuses in my digital marketing projects.

My Approach

Insight. Creativity. Technology.

As a seasoned digital marketing professional, I specialize in employing advanced online strategies.

Clear Idea of Target Audience

Implementing the strategies and wasting your efforts on the wrong audience is fruitless. You can only expand your business or sell your course if you clearly know the people who want your services.

Get Enhanced Sales

No one has time to wait for the sales funnel to fill and make a profit. Our working strategies and marketing services have made the process easy. You’ll now get better sales in short turnarounds.

Continuous Leads

When starting a new business or launching a course, your main goal is getting as many leads as possible. We help in implementing the right strategies to attract massive sales your way.

Embark on Your Social Platforms

With time and improvement in marketing, competition is continuously increasing on social media platforms. YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram are no exceptions to it. But we will bring you the desired strategies to ace these platforms.

Build a Strong Brand Community

Lastly, you don’t have to ponder building the right brand community to attract more sales. We have figured the ways to pitch your targeted audience just to create an authentic community for your brand.

    Kristi Bender
    Kristi Bender

    I had the pleasure of collaborating with Bibi Yaba on a digital marketing campaign, and I couldn't be more impressed with the results. Their creativity and attention to detail exceeded my expectations, and the campaign's success speaks volumes about Bibi's expertise in the field. Definitely someone you want on your team.

      Terry Dodd
      Terry Dodd


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        Kerry Huang
        Kerry Huang

        Bibi Yaba is a digital marketing genius! Their strategic insights and data-driven approach helped us achieve remarkable growth in a highly competitive market. Bibi's professionalism and commitment to delivering results are truly commendable

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        Despite the challenges posed by the project’s complexity and tight deadlines, my delighted client expressed immense satisfaction and gratitude, emphasizing the invaluable impact of our collaborative efforts and the exceptional quality of service delivered by our team, solidifying a trusting and enduring partnership for future endeavors

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        In recent posts, I highlight various aspects of digital marketing projects to enhance brand visibility and drive targeted traffic

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