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     One step forward towards empowering the leadership qualities, building a strong course audience, enhanced social presence with our organic social media marketing strategies.

Thanks, Yana, for this amazing work. The communication has been fluid and clear—the deliverable fit with expectations. Great mindset. I'll come back. Thanks.


It was great to work with Yana; she knew her stuff and made sure she understood what I needed.

Mel O

Fellow entrepreneur friends! If you're looking for an incredible Organic Social Media Marketing Strategist, look no further than Bibi Yana! Education: Master of Business Administration. I’ve tried out other contractors; NOBODY compares to her! My company has grown rapidly, with much credit to Bibi. I don't know what I would have done without her as I prepared for my TEDx Talk and launched my first masterclass!


Yana is incredible in the organic growth strategies for your business.  She is incredible in actually getting to your actual identifying niche and understanding where they're bad and how to communicate with them properly. I just felt a bit hesitant. Of course, at first, and trusted someone with my social account. However, once working with her, she stayed with me because she knows what she was doing.


Hi, my name is Gladness. I'm a serial entrepreneur from London, UK. And I want to do this testimonial for Yana. Yana is one of the best clients that I've had for the last five years. But recently, she is now my supplier, and I'm her client. In the last four years, Yana has supported my business with virtual system work. She has helped me with designing work with creating logos with whatever you can name it in terms of technology, and she and her team at TechNock. Mom, moms have been amazing.



Grow your business with TechnockMom

Marketing has revamped its methods in recent years with the speed of fire. In all the pretty chaos of development, we at TechnockMom are working tirelessly to bring you practical strategies for expanding your business. Besides, Bibi Yana holds profound experience in growing your business with the effective use of social media. Her expertise in organic social media strategies is the cherry on top. So, a funnel full of sales is ensured. That, too, with a single consultation call!


Bibi Yana – Your Next Business Growth Specialist

Whether it’s about the coaches, course experts, entrepreneurs, or small businesses trying hard to find the target audience, Bibi Yana always amazes you with her eight years of in-depth knowledge and expertise. Being an MBA graduate and a mother of two, she has never let her hurdles become a stone in her passion.

Besides, you’ll love knowing she can help you find your niche and grow your business in the most defined way possible.

She has been working with high-profile international clients to sharpen her digital marketing expertise and coaching skills to promote their businesses like no one. Like her, you can find inspiration in her work and get passionate about building authority in your services.

Excited to know more?

At TechnockMom, she empowers women and every individual eager to bring their efforts to the table. From brand awareness to promoting the business and startup growth, she has embarked on every milestone till now.Don’t worry! She’ll make you stand here too.

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  • Clear Idea of Target Audience

    Implementing the strategies and wasting your efforts on the wrong audience is fruitless. You can only expand your business or sell your course if you clearly know the people who want your services. At, TechnockMom, we help build a clear insight into your audience!

  • Get Enhanced Sales

    No one has time to wait for the sales funnel to fill and make a profit. Our working strategies and marketing services have made the process easy. You'll now get better sales in short turnarounds.

  • Continuous Leads

    When starting a new business or launching a course, your main goal is getting as many leads as possible. We help in implementing the right strategies to attract massive sales your way.

  • Embark on Your Social Platforms

    With time and improvement in marketing, competition is continuously increasing on social media platforms. YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram are no exceptions to it. But we will bring you the desired strategies to ace these platforms.

  • Build a Strong Brand Community

    Lastly, you don't have to ponder building the right brand community to attract more sales. We have figured the ways to pitch your targeted audience just to create an authentic community for your brand.